Marriage customs of the Babemba tribe
article 1931 Labrecque, Éd. & Horine, Ruth

BembaAfrica > Southern Africa
This article gives a brief description of the betrothal, chisungu (girls' puberty) and marriage ceremonies of the Bemba, together with a brief sketch of the tribal history as a preliminary. At the time the article was written, Pére Labrecque was a mi...

Relations between the Mundurucu and the Tupi
article 1938 Nimuendajú, Kurt & Horine, Ruth

MundurucuSouth America > Amazon and Orinoco
This article consists of a very brief report on a study of the linguistic relationship between the Mundurucu and Tupi. A study of the language of the Mundurucu by the Rev. Father Albert Kruse was used as a basis. The evidence itself is not presented,...