Samoan material culture
Book 1930 Buck, Peter Henry

SamoansOceania > Polynesia
This document is a fairly complete catalog of Samoan material culture. However, some relevant material on Samoan social structure is included. Buck does not provide a great deal on those aspects of material culture which are adequately covered in oth...

Arts and crafts of Hawaii
Book 1957 Buck, Peter Henry

HawaiiansOceania > Polynesia
This book is a detailed description and technological analysis of the material culture of the Hawaiian Islands from approximately the eighteenth century to the early 1950s. The information presented here is based on the published literature on Polyne...

The coming of the Maori
Book 1952 Buck, Peter Henry

MaoriOceania > Polynesia
This is a detailed and sympathetic study of Maori culture based on the life-long research of a well known Maori ethnologist. He consulted all important literary sources, interviewed Maori elders, particularly to ascertain folk stories, and used his k...

Material representatives of Tongan and Samoan gods
article 1935 Buck, Peter Henry (Te Rangi Hiroa)

TongansOceania > Polynesia
This article contains a discussion of artistic representations of gods in Polynesia, particularly in Tonga and Samoa. The study is based on secondary research utilizing museum collections and published materials. Comparisons of Tongan images are made...

Additional wooden images from Tonga
article 1937 Buck, Peter Henry (Te Rangi Hiroa)

TongansOceania > Polynesia
This brief source is a description of four wooden and whale-ivory sculptures from Tonga. These four sculptures are from the Oldman collection and the author's purpose was to present as much documentation as possible on these very old type specimens....

Pan-pipes in Polynesia
article 1941 Buck, Peter Henry (Te Rangi Hiroa)

TongansOceania > Polynesia
This source contains descriptions of 5 pan-pipes from Tonga that the author examined in museum collections. The author compares the pipes with similar instruments from Samoa and other parts of the southern Pacific area. The author makes sweeping stat...