The Chugach Eskimo
Book 1953 Birket-Smith, Kaj

AlutiiqNorth America > Arctic and Subarctic
This source is the result of the First Danish-American Expedition of 1933 in which the author represented the National Museum of Denmark; he was accompanied by Dr. Frederica de Laguna who represented the University of Pennsylvania University Museum. ...

Early collections from the Pacific Eskimo
essay 1941 Birket-Smith, Kaj

AlutiiqNorth America > Arctic and Subarctic
This monograph presents full descriptions of Pacific Eskimo artifacts in the collections of the National Museum in Copenhagen. Most of the material was collected in 1851 by Henrik Johan Holmberg (a Finnish naturalist) although some materials may be o...

Contributions to Chipewyan ethnology
Book 1930 Birket-Smith, Kaj

ChipewyansNorth America > Arctic and Subarctic
This is a traditional ethnography of the Chipewyan Indians through the first quarter of the 20th century. Although heavy emphasis in this work is on material culture, there is also much data on foods and the food quest, relations with other tribes, s...

The Eyak Indians of the Copper River Delta, Alaska
Book 1938 Birket-Smith, Kaj & De Laguna, Frederica

EyakNorth America > Arctic and Subarctic
This book draws on rich archeological data and oral information to reconstruct the history and culture of the Eyak. Topics examined include the territorial scope of their historical homeland, the specific locations of some of the major villages menti...