Ndyuka Collection Documents (17 documents)

Author Title Publication Date
The remaking of the Aluku: culture, politics, and Maroon ethnicity in French South America
Agriculture among the Bush Negroes of the Maroni
Comparative demographic study of the Oyana Indians and the Boni Refugee Blacks of the Upper Maroni (French Guiana)
The Boni refugee Blacks of French Guiana
Unity and disunity: Cottica Djuka society as a kinship system
Classifictory kinship and classificatory status: the Cottica Djuka of Suriname
Law at the village level: the Cottica Djuka of Surinam
Continuity and change: Cottica Djuka society as a changing system
The Paramacca Maroons: a study in religious acculturation
The Djuka civilization
Priests, spirit mediums, and guerillas in Suriname
Dangerous ancestors: ambivalent visions of eighteenth- and ninteenth-century leaders of the eastern Maroons of Suriname
The Great Father and the Danger: religious cults, material forces, and collective fantaises in the world of the Surinamese Maroons
Bakku: possessing spirits of witchcraft on the Tapanahony
Witchcraft among the Tapanahoni Djuka
A Demon in every transistor
Culture summary: Ndyuka
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