Tukano Collection Documents (18 documents)

Author Title Publication Date
Makuna social organization: a study in descent, alliance, and the formation of corporate groups in the north-western Amazon
Culture summary: Tukano
Marriage, language, and history among eastern Tukanoan speaking peoples of the northwest Amazon
The Wanano Indians of the Brazilian Amazon: a sense of space
Nutrition in the northwest Amazon: household dietary intake and time-energy expenditure
The Time and energy expenditure of indigenous women horticulturists in the Northwest Amazon
Notes on the terms and the kinship system of the Tucano
Aspects of Tucano culture: mythology--part I
Aspects of Tucano culture: cosmogony
The Cubeo: Indians of the Northwest Amazon
Perceptions of nature and the structure of society: the question of Cubeo descent
From the Milk River: spatial and temporal processes in northwest Amazonia
The palm and the Pleiades: initiation and cosmology in northwest Amazonia
The fish people: linguistic exogamy and Tukanoan identity in northwest Amazonia
Amazonian cosmos: the sexual and religious symbolism of the Tukano Indians
Shamanism and art of the eastern Tukanoan Indians: Colombian northwest Amazon
The indigenous civilization of the Uaup├ęs
Multilingualism in the northwest Amazon
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