Aymara Collection Documents (17 documents)

Author Title Publication Date
Culture summary: Aymara
Contribution to the study of the Aymara
The Bolivian Aymara
Aymara communities and the Bolivian agrarian reform
Aymaras and Quichuas: a study of Bolivian anthropology
The human soul in the Aymara culture of Pumasara: an ethnographic study in the light of George Herbert Mead and Martin Buber
Unseasonal migrations: the effects of rural labor scarcity in Peru
On the Aymara Indians of Bolivia and Peru
The Aymara of Chinchera, Peru: persistence and change in a bicultural context
Additional bibliography on the Aymara
The Aymara Indians of the Lake Titicaca Plateau
Potato taxonomy among the Aymara Indians of Bolivia
Aymara folktales
Aymara biologicals and other medicines
Contribution to Andean folklore
The Aymara
The Aymara of Chucuito, Peru: 1. Magic
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