Inka Collection Documents (24 documents)

Author Title Publication Date
The sacred landscape of the Inca: the Cusco ceque system
Culture summary: Inka
The travels of Pedro de Cieza de León, A.D. 1532-50, contained in the first part of his Chronicle of Peru
The second part of the Chronicle of Peru
History of the New World
Textiles, women, and political economy in late prehispanic Peru
Provincial power in the Inka empire
The first new chronicle and good government
Inka settlement planning
Inca decimal administration in the Lake Titicaca region
An account of the fables and rites of the Yncas
The infrastructure of Inka control in the Peruvian central highlands
The economic organization of the Inka State
The MIT'A obligations of ethnic groups to the Inka state
The formation of Tawantinsuyu: mechanisms of colonization and relationship with ethnic groups
Report by Polo de Ondegardo
Information concerning the Religion and Government of the Incas
Inca culture at the time of the Spanish conquest
Inca policies and institutions relating to the cultural unification of the empire
An account of the antiquities of Peru
Moon, sun, and witches: gender ideologies and class in Inca and colonial Peru
First part of the Royal commentaries of the Yncas
The MITIMAS of the Cochabamba Valley: the colonization policy of Huayna Capac
Inca civilization in Cuzco
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