Woleai Region Collection Documents (29 documents)

Author Title Publication Date
Culture summary: Woleai Region
Lamotrek Atoll and inter-island socioeconomic ties
The traditional classification and treatment of illness on Woleai and Lamotrek in the Caroline Islands, Micronesia
Meteorological observations from the German Protectorates of the South Seas for the year 1902
Amounts of precipitation in the Palau, Marianas, Caroline and Marshall Islands
Results of rainfall measurements in the year 1906
Coral Island: portrait of an atoll
Childcare on Ifaluk
Adoption by rank on Ifaluk
Redistribution: equity or exploitation
A Typhoon in the western Carolines: the devastation of the Woleai Island Group
Some observations of an ethnographic nature concerning the Woleai Islands
A new Pacific Ocean script
The people of Ifalik: a little-disturbed atoll
Flower in my ear: arts and ethos of Ifaluk Atoll
An atoll culture: ethnography of Ifaluk in the central Carolines
The Central Carolines: part II: Ifaluk, Aurepik, Faraulip, Sorol, Mog-Mog: part II: Ifaluk, Aurepik, Faraulip, Sorol, Mog-Mog
Reminiscences of a trip to Russian America, Micronesia, and through Kamchatka
The Central Carolines: part I: the Lamotrek Group, Woleai
The domain of emotion words on Ifaluk
Report of his circuit tour through the western Caroline and Palau Islands
Report of a trip to the western Carolines
The Caroline Islands of Woleai and Lamotrek
Report of his visit to some island groups in the western Carolines
Ifaluk Atoll: an ethnographic account
Ifaluk: a South Sea culture
A Psychotic personality in the South Seas
Generalities: journal of the expedition
Results of the meteorological observations in Herberts Deep
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