Chuuk Collection Documents (31 documents)

Author Title Publication Date
The inhabitants of the Truk Islands: religion, life and a short grammar of a Micronesian people
Fa’a’nakkar cultural values in a Micronesian society
Reproduction in Truk
The role of Trukese mother and its effect on child training
The Japanese schools for the natives of Truk, Caroline Islands
Native land tenure in the Truk District
Canoe travel in the Truk area: technology and its psychological correlates
Truk: man in paradise
Adoption on Romonum, Truk
Property, kin, and community on Truk
Native astronomy in the Central Carolines
Premarital freedom on Truk: theory and practice
Changing social organization on Romónum, Truk, 1947-1965
Sky world and this world: the place of Kachaw in Micronesian cosmology
Culture summary: Chuuk
Cultural patterns in Trukese suicide
Truk suicide epidemic and social change
The material culture of Truk
A household survey of economic goods on Romonum Island, Truk
A Trukese theory of medicine
Taro cultivation in Truk
Education of women and family size in two Micronesian communities
Infant feeding practices in a Trukese village
Silent voices speak: women and prohibition in Truk
The nature of nurture
Weekend warriors: alcohol in a Micronesian culture
Sibling sets as building blocks in greater Trukese society
“Problem deflation” and the ethnographic record: interpretation and introspection in anthropological studies of alcohol
Sexuality and aggression on Romonum, Truk
Recruiting labor for fissionary descent lines on Romónum, Truk
Personality and structure: political acquiesence in Truk
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