Orokaiva Collection Documents (32 documents)

Author Title Publication Date
Five new religious cults in British New Guinea
Land, work, and productivity at Inonda
Communal cash cropping among the Orokaiva
A modern Orokaiva feast
Four Orokaiva cash croppers
Changes in land use and settlement among the Yega
Co-operatives at Yega
Village and town in New Guinea
An Orokaiva marriage
Cognitive capacity among the Orokaiva
The Papuan Orokaiva vs Mt. Lamington: cultural shock and its aftermath
Culture summary: Orokaiva
Land tenure conversion in the northern district of Papua
Feasting for oil palm
Orokaiva production and change
Orokaiva warfare and production
Women and modern marriage among the Orokaivans
Twelve Orokaiva traders
Social control amongst the Orokaiva
Land tenure and land use among the Mount Lamington Orokaiva
Exchange in the social structure of the Orokaiva: traditional and emergent ideologies in the northern district of Papua
Reciprocity and structure: a semiotic analysis of some Orokaiva exchange data
Virgin birth
Cultural consequences of a volcanic eruption experienced by the Mount Lamington Orokaiva
What did the eruption mean?
Friendship and kinship: an attempt to relate two anthropological concepts
Objects of meditation: myth and praxis
The self and the product: concepts of work in comparative perspective
Mythe du corps bouche
The organisation of production and distribution among the Orokaiva: an analysis of work and exchange in two communities participating in both the subsistence and monetary sectors of the economy
Orokaiva society
Orokaiva magic
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