Aranda Collection Documents (47 documents)

Author Title Publication Date
The abstract art of the Aranda
The Australian aboriginal
Introduction: descriptive and anthropometric observations
Back in the stone age: the Natives of central Australia
Observations on a new-born Australian aboriginal infant
The ecology of the aborigines of central Australia: botanical notes
Blood-grouping of Australian aboriginals at Oodnadatta and Alice Springs
Aboriginal songs of central and southern Australia
Aboriginal songs
Childbirth among the Aranda, central Australia
Cult-totemism and mythology in northern south Australia
Kinship in south Australia
Kinship in south Australia
Kinship in south Australia
[Review of 'Aranda traditions' by T. G. H. Strehlow]
A table showing the class relations of the the Aranda
Body and soul: a study from western central Australia
Visitors to Hermannsburg: an essay on cross-cultural learning
Namatjira: traveller between two worlds
Alternating generations in Australia
The astronomy of the Aranda and Luritja tribes
Notes on the Arranda tribe
The heritage of Namatjira and the Hermannsburg painters
Culture summary: Aranda
Country, people, art: the western Aranda 1870-1990
The Aranda of central Australia
The Arunta religion
The landowners in the northern division of the Aranda tribe, central Australia
Spirit ancestors in a northern Aranda horde country
The psychology of a primitive people: a study of the Australian aborigine
Aspects of the social history of Hermannsburg
Physiological observations
The eternal ones of the dream: a psychoanalytic interpretation of Australian myth and ritual
The nescience of the Aranda
Women and their life in central Australia
The aborigines of the upper and middle Finke River: their habits and customs, with introductory notes on the physical and natural-history features of the country
The Arunta: a study of a stone age people
Notes on certain of the intiation ceremonies of the Arunta tribe, central Australia
An account of the Engwurra or Fire Ceremony of certain central Australian tribes
The Aranda and Loritja tribes in central Australia: Part 1, myths, sayings, and folktales of the Aranda tribes
The totemistic conceptions and the churinga of the Aranda and Loritja
The Aranda and Loritja tribes in central Australia, 3: the totemistic cults of the Aranda and Loritja, 1 : general introduction and the totemistic cults of the Aranda tribe
The social life of the Aranda and Loritja
Aranda traditions
Ankotarinja, an Aranda myth
The Aljawara and their territory
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