O'odham Collection Documents (17 documents)

Author Title Publication Date
Piman Shamanism and staying sickness (Ka´:cim Mu´mkidag):
Culture summary: O'odham
Pima and Papago social organization:
Pima and Papago medicine and philosophy:
Pima-Papago Christianity:
Pima and Papago Indian agriculture:
Ethnobiological studies in the American Southwest: II: the ethnobiology of the Papago Indians
History of the Pima:
Continuity and change in Tohono O'odham food systems: implications for dietary interventions
Pima and Papago: Introduction
History of the Papago:
Pima and papago ecological adaptations:
The desert people: a study of the Papago Indians
Contemporary Pima:
Papago Indian religion:
Social organization of the Papago Indians:
The autobiography of a Papago woman:
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