Western Apache Collection Documents (49 documents)

Author Title Publication Date
Wage labor and the San Carlos Apache
Terrain and ecological conditions in the Western Apache Range
Environment and ecology in the 'Northern Tonto' claim area
The Cibecue Apache
Portraits of 'The Whiteman': linguistic play and cultural symbols among the Western Apache
The gift of Changing Woman
Heavy with hatred: an ethnographic study of Western Apache witchcraft
Western Apache
Western Apache language and culture: essays in linguistic anthropology
A study of western Apache Indians, 1846-1886
Critical factors influencing the stated vocational preference of male White-Mountain Apache students
The medicine-men of the Apache
The fight for Dzil Nchaa Si An, Mt. Graham: Apaches and astrophysical development in Arizona
The Western Apache: living with the land before 1950
White Mountain Apache health and illness: an ethnographic study of medical decision making
Two wickiups on the San Carlos Indian Reservation, Arizona
The San Carlos Indian cattle industry
Myths and tales from the San Carlos Apache
Myths and tales from the White Mountain Apache
A native religious movement among the White Mountain and Cibecue Apache
Western Apache raiding and warfare: from the notes of Grenville Goodwin
The social organization of the Western Apache
Myths and tales of the White Mountain Apache
White Mountain Apache religion
Culture summary: Western Apache
Self, family, and community in White Mountain Apache society
Western Apache ecology: from horticulture to agriculture
The Western Apache clan system: its origins and development
Note on Western Apache religious and social organization
White Mountain Apache religious cult movements: a study in ethnohistory
The Western Apache: some anthropometric observations
Micro-evolution in a human population: a study of social endogamy and blood type distribution among the Western Apache
Notes on some White Mountian Apache social pathologies
Archaeological lessons from an Apache wickiup
Na'ilde': the Ghost Dance of the White Mountain Apache
Formal education and culture change: a modern Apache Indian community and government education programs
Apache reservation: indigenous peoples and the American state
The Apache continuum: an analysis of continuity through change in San Carlos Apache culture and society
Recreation activities instrumental to expressed life goals of San Carlos teen-age Apaches
Notes on the Indians of the city of the Fort Apache region
Plants used by the White Mountain Apache Indians of Arizona
Naƫzhosh, or, the Apache pole game
The Apache stick game
Basketry of the San Carlos Apache
The construction of a wickiup on the Fort Apache Indian Reservation
Two more wickiups on the San Carlos Indian Reservation, Arizona
Concepts of secular and sacred among the White Mountain Apache as illustrated by musical practice
The Western Apache and cross-cousin marriage
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