Navajo Collection Documents (251 documents)

Author Title Publication Date
The peyote religion among the Navaho
Peyote religion among the Navajo
Navajo economic development
Navajo coresidential kin groups and lineages
The people's health: medicine and anthropology in a Navajo community
The Navajo and Pueblo silversmiths
Navaho and Zuni veterans: a study of contrasting modes of culture change
Shonto: a study of the role of the trader in a modern Navaho community
Shonto revisited: measures of social and economic change in a Navajo community, 1955-1971
Culture summary: Navajo
Navaho motor habits
Some sex beliefs and practices in a Navaho community: with comparative material from other Navaho areas
Navaho foods and cooking methods
A history of the Navajos: the reservation years
Some notes on directional movement in the drawings and paintings of Pueblo and Navajo children
Present trends in weaving on the western Navajo Reservation
Navajo conflict management
Navajo health services and projects
The economics of sainthood: religious change among the Rimrock Navajos
The 'long walk' to Bosque Redondo: as told by Peshlakai Etsedi
Navajo prehistory and history to 1850
Western Navajo ethnobotanical notes
The Navajo-Hopi land dispute: an American tragedy
A Comparative study of Navajo mortuary practices
Flood-water farming
The interrelationship of nutritional state and lactational performance: an experimental model and field study of Navajo women
The food of the present-day Navajo Indians of New Mexico and Arizona
Navaho clans and marriage at Pueblo Alto
Continuation of tradition in Navajo society
Navajo infancy: an ethological study of child development
Local organization among the Navaho
Advice on governing New Mexico, 1794
Ladies, livestock, land and lucre: women's networks and social status on the western Navajo reservation
Navajo house types
Healing ways: Navajo health care in the twentieth century
Does culture appreciably affect patterns of infant behavior?
The Navajo
Animal husbandry in Navajo society and culture
Notes and illustrations of Navaho sex behavior
Ethnobotany of the Navajo
Food animals of the Navajo
Navajo education
Navaho archaeology of Upper Blanco and Largo Canyons, northern New Mexico
Clay figurines made by Navaho children
The secular uses of traditional religion and knowledge in modern Navajo society
A note on regional variation in Navajo kinship terminology
Talking about and classifying Navajo JISH or medicine bundles
Gender and Navajo music: unanswered questions
Traditional Navajo women: ethnographic and life history portrayals
Ritual drama in the Navajo House Blessing Ceremony
An approach to the ethnography of Navajo ceremonial performance
Kinaaldá: a study of the Navaho girl's puberty ceremony
Burial as a disposition mechanism for Navajo JISH or medicine bundles
Zuni-Navajo relationships
Red capitalism: an analysis of the Navajo economy
Navajo views of their origin
Irrigation agriculture and Navaho community
A comparison of Navaho and White Mountain Apache ceremonial forms and categories
Life is harder here: the case of the urban Navajo woman
Variations on a rite of passage: some recent Navajo funerals
Books by Navajo women
Learning Navaho...: [Volume 1]
Starlore among the Navaho
Origin legend of the Navaho Enemy Way
Origin legend of the Navaho Flintway
A manual of Navaho grammar
[Review of] Gladys A. Reichard, Social life of the Navaho Indians
Navaho games of chance and taboo
Soul concepts of the Navaho
Why the Navaho hogan?
Recent clues to Athapascan prehistory in the Southwest
The role of women in a changing Navajo society
Navajo pottery: traditions & innovations
Prohibition and post-repeal drinking patterns among the Navaho
Kaibeto Plateau ceremonialists: 1860-1980
The thematic apperception technique in the study of culture-personality relations
The legend of the Navajo Eagle-Catching Way
Two Navajo myths
The agricultural and hunting methods of the Navaho Indians
Some aspects of Navaho political structure
The Navaho Indians and the Ghost Dance of 1890
Navaho humor
Some Navaho culture changes during two centuries: [with a translation of the early eighteenth century Rabal manuscript]
Navajo use of jimsonweed
Navaho trading and trading ritual: a study of cultural dynamics
Navajo salt gathering
Navaho rites for dispelling insanity and delirium
Navajo pottery manufacture
Navaho warfare
The hand trembling ceremony of the Navaho
Navaho coyote tales and their position in the Southern Athapaskan group
The status of the hermaphrodite and transvestite in Navaho culture
The Albuquerque Navajos
Man in the primitive world: an introduction to anthropology
The Indian Rights Association and the Navajo, 1890-1895
Physiological and medical observations among the Indians of southwestern United States and northern Mexico
Physical and physiological observations on the Navaho
On the structure of the Indians of the Southwest and of northern Mexico
Eighteenth century Navaho hogans from Canyon de Chelly National Monument
Athapaskan migration via the intermontane region
The emerging Navajo Nation
'Ye'iis lying down': a unique Navajo sacred space
Navajo architecture: forms, history, distributions
Cultural influences on Navajo mothers with disabled children
The battle at Canyon Padre from the Navahos' point of view
The social meaning of Navaho psychopathology and psychotherapy
Navajo land use: an ethnoarchaeological study
Navajoland: family settlement and land use
Navajo weaving: three centuries of change
Hogans, sacred circles and symbols: the Navajo use of space
The crisis in colonial administration
Navajo social organization in land use planning
Navaho material culture
The Navaho
Some notes on Navaho dreams
Participation in ceremonials in a Navaho community
Personality formation among the Navaho Indians
A Navaho personal document with a brief Paretian analysis
Some aspects of Navaho infancy and early childhood
Navaho witchcraft
Group tensions: analysis of a case history
Navaho women's knowledge of their song ceremonials
As an anthropologist views it
The Ramah Navajo
Two Navaho children over a five-year period
An introduction to Navaho chant practice
Indian agent
Alcoholic cirrhosis among the Navaho
The epidemiology of alcoholic cirrhosis in two southwestern Indian tribes
A systematic reconstruction of Navaho ethics
To run after them: cultural and social bases of cooperation in a Navajo community
Symbolic elements in Navajo ritual
Fluctuation in Navajo kinship terminology
Land use in the Ramah Navaho Area, New Mexico
Son of Old Man Hat: a Navaho autobiography
The Navaho door: an introduction to Navaho life
Some types of uneasiness and fear in a Navaho Indian community
Elements of psychotherapy in Navaho religion
Gregorio, the hand-trembler: a psychobiological personality study of a Navaho Indian
Children of the people: the Navaho individual and his development
As I knew them: Navajo women in 1940
The fate of Navajo twins
Community organization of the Western Navajo
Changing burial practices of the Western Navajo: a consideration of the relationship between attitudes and behavior
Midwives and childbirth among the Navajo
Observations on the participation of Arizona's racial and cultural groups in World War II
The study of ethics among the lower races
Serpent worship among the Navajos
Mythic dry-paintings of the Navajos
Navajo silversmiths
Navajo music
Enemy Way music
Navajo women in the city: lessons from a quarter-century of relocation
Navajo Blessingway singer: the autobiography of Frank Mitchell, 1881-1967
Tall woman: the life story of Rose Mitchell, a Navajo woman, c. 1874-1977
Health of the Navajo-Hopi Indians
The genetic demography of a small Navajo community
Navaho treatment of sickness: diagnosticians
Navaho dreams
Human-wolves among the Navaho
A study of Navajo symbolism
The Navajo listening rite
How the Navajo adopt rites
Navajo omens and taboos
Hosteen Klah: Navaho medicine man and sand painter
Representing Changing Woman: a review essay on Navajo women
The Dîné: origin myths of the Navaho Indians
A Navaho autobiography
Navaho shamanistic practice among the Jicarilla Apache
The journey of Navajo Oshley: an autobiography and life history
Navajo house types
The Navajo sweat house
Social interaction and learning in the spread of Navajo commercial sandpaintings
Navajo sandpaintings: the importance of sex roles in craft production
Processes of political development in a Navajo community
Navajos set an example for qualified voters
Changing Navaho religious values: a study of Christian missions to the Rimrock Navahos
Navaho sports
A Navaho struggle for land
Social life of the Navajo Indians: with some attention to minor ceremonies
Navaho religion: a study of symbolism
Navajo classification of natural objects
Mother Earth, Father Sky, and economic development: Navajo resources and their use
Three Navaho households: a comparative study in small group culture
Navajo ceremonial-pattern weaving and its relationship to drypainting
Navajo history, 1850-1923
Navajo arts and crafts
Women in Navajo society
Factors affecting agricultural production in a Western Navajo community
Fruitland, New Mexico: a Navaho community in transition
Molded in the image of Changing Woman: Navajo views on the human body and personhood
Hopi and Navajo child burials
The Navajo Mountain community: social organization and kinship terminology
Navajo ways in government: a study in political process
Development of Navajo tribal government
The status of Navajo women
Changes in Navajo mortuary practices and beliefs
City of the brown robes
The drawings of a Navajo artist
Notes on marriage among the Navajoes, Navajo dress, Navajo dwellings
Notes about the Navajoes
Hopi journal of Alexander M. Stephen
The Navaho wedding basket -- 1938
Navaho basketry as made by Ute and Paiute
The Navajo Nation today
Modern Navajo witchcraft stories
A note on star-lore among the Navajos
Notes on religious ceremonials of the Navaho
White man's medicine: government doctors and the Navajo, 1863-1955
Navaho pottery making: an inquiry into the affinities of Navaho painted pottery
Taboo as a possible factor involved in the obsolescence of Navaho pottery and basketry
Men with ears down to their ankles: a chapter in Navaho history
Indians of 2 tribes to aid defense work
The trading post system on the Navajo Reservation: staff report to the Federal Trade Commission
Sacred places and shrines of the Navaho: part I, the sacred mountains
Navaho common law I: notes on political organization, property and inheritance
Navaho common law II: Navaho law and justice
Navaho common law III: etiquette-hospitality-justice
The government of the Navajos
Ethnobotany of the Ramah Navaho
Navaho veterans: a study of changing values
The automobile in contemporary Navaho culture
Navajo song patterning
Navajo graves: some preliminary considerations for recording and classifying Reservation burials
A taxonomic view of the traditional Navajo universe
Navajo political process
The Navajo Indians
Navajo kinship and marriage
Navajo social organization
Language and reality in Navajo world view
Language and art in the Navajo universe
Western Navajo religious affiliation
An ethnography of the Navajo reproductive cycle
Navaho Striped Windway: an Injury-Way chant
Navaho girl's puberty rite
Navaho Upward-reaching-way: objective behavior, rationale and sanction
Idea and action patterns in Navaho Flintway
Navajo Indian medical ethnobotany: an analysis of the John and Louisa Wetherill ethnobotanical collection
Navajo eschatology
Navaho classification of their song ceremonials
Navaho diagnosticians
Origin legends of Navaho divinatory rites
The Female Shooting Life Chant: a minor Navaho ceremony
Notes on obsolete Navaho ceremonies
Navajo ceremonial system
Notes on Navaho suicide
Statistical marriage preferences of the Ramah Navaho
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