Pomo Collection Documents (31 documents)

Author Title Publication Date
The mechanics of kinship
Population control in the Shanel (Pomo) Tribe
Psychopathic trends in culture
The socio-psychological significance of death among the Pomo Indians
Ceremonies of the Pomo Indians
Pomo bear doctors
Pomo Indian basketry
The ethno-geography of the Pomo and neighboring Indians
Pomo buildings
The army worm: a food of the Pomo Indians
Material aspects of Pomo culture
Western Pomo and Northeastern Pomo
Pomo doctors and poisoners
Clear Lake Pomo society
Pomo lands on Clear Lake
Culture contact and acculturation of the southwestern Pomo
Pomo geography
Pomo Indians
The Pomo kin group and the political unit in aboriginal California
Pomo folkways
Eastern Pomo and Southeastern Pomo
Ethnographic and historical sketch of the Eastern Pomo and their neighbors, the Southeastern Pomo
Pomo: introduction
Culture summary: Pomo
The Pomo
Notes on Pomo ethnogeography
Identity crises: changes in lifestyle of the Manchester Band of the Pomo Indians
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