Pawnee Collection Documents (19 documents)

Author Title Publication Date
Pawnee passage, 1870-1875
The Pawnee sacred bundles: their present use and significance
The chief and his council: unity and authority from the stars
When stars came down to earth: cosmology of the Skidi Pawnee Indians of North America
Pawnee music
Notes on Skidi Pawnee society
The Hako: a Pawnee ceremony
Pawnee, Blackfoot and Cheyenne: history and folklore of the Plains
Pawnee hero stories and folk-tales, with notes on the origin, customs and character of the Pawnee people
The Pawnee Indians
The Pawnee Ghost Dance hand game
Annual ceremony of the Pawnee medicine man
Pawnee Indian societies
Ceremonies of the Pawnee
Culture summary: Pawnee
Description of the manners and customs of the Pawnee Indians
An introduction to Pawnee archaeology
The lost universe: with a closing chapter on 'The universe regained'
The dispossession of the Pawnee
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