Crow Collection Documents (25 documents)

Author Title Publication Date
The Beaver dance and adoption ceremony of the Crow Indians
Five Indian tribes of the upper Missouri: Sioux, Arickaras, Assiniboines, Crees, Crows
Culture Summary: Crow
Re-telling one's own: storytelling among the Apsaalooke (Crow Indians)
Parading through history: the making of the Crow nation in America, 1805-1935
Searching for structure: reconstructing Crow family life during the reservation era
The Crow Indians
The Material culture of the Crow Indians
The Sun dance of the Crow Indians
Societies of the Crow, Hidatsa and Mandan Indians: Military societies of the Crow Indians to current.
The religion of the Crow Indians
Crow Indian art
Minor ceremonies of the Crow Indians
My Crow interpreter
Water as a disciplinary agent among the Crow and Blackfoot
The Indian journals 1859-62
The Crows of the western plains
Individual motivation in the diffusion of the Wind River Shoshone Sundance to the Crow Indians
Sacred numerology and management of the universe by the Crow Indians
Adaptation and cultural persistence among the Crow Indians of Montana
The Crow Indian give-away: A primary instrument for cultural adaptation and persistence
'You're considered a warrior then': respect and individualism in Crow military service
Crow Indian beadwork: a descriptive and historical study
Crow Indian medicine bundles
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