Cajuns Collection Documents (19 documents)

Author Title Publication Date
Cajun country
Cajun music: its origin and development
The founding of New Acadia: the beginnings of Acadian life in Louisiana, 1765-1803
Acadian to Cajun: transformation of a people, 1803-1877
South to Louisiana: the music of the Cajun bayous
The people called Cajuns: an introduction to an ethnohistory
Henderson, Louisiana: cultural adaptation in a Cajun community
The celebration of Cajun identity: ethnic unity and the Crawfish Festival
The culture of Acadiana: an anthropological perspective
Language and ethnic identity in south Louisiana: implications of data from Mamou Prairie
The rhetoric of community ritual: the blessing of the shrimp fleet at Chauvin, Louisiana
Cajun foodways
The Cajun culture of southwestern Louisiana: a study of cultural isolation and role adaptation as factors in the fusion of black African and French Acadian culture traits
Culture summary: Cajuns
Additional bibliography on the Cajuns
The Cajuns: from Acadia to Louisiana
Cajun music: a reflection of a people. Vol. 1
Speech in a Louisiana Cajun community
Cajun French and French creole: their speakers and the questions of identities
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