Seminole Collection Documents (39 documents)

Author Title Publication Date
Florida Seminole religious ritual: resistance and change
The medicine bundles of the Florida Seminole and the Green Corn Dance
Notes on the Hunting Dance of the Cow Creek Seminole
Hunting and fishing in Florida, including a key to the water birds known to occur in the state
The Florida Seminole people
The ethno-archaeology of the Florida Seminole
The Seminole woman of the Big Cypress and her influence in modern life
Two types of cultural response to external pressures among the Florida Seminoles
Big Cypress: a changing Seminole community
My work among the Florida Seminoles
Beaded shoulder pouches of the Florida Seminole
Seminole pottery
Notes on the socio-economic status of the Oklahoma Seminoles
Oklahoma Seminoles: medicines, magic, and religion
Culture summary: Seminole
Patchwork and politics: the evolving roles of Florida Seminole women in the twentieth century
An assumption of sovereignty: social and political transformation among the Florida Seminoles, 1953-1979
Pelts, plumes, and hides: white traders among the Seminole Indians, 1870-1930
Acculturation, child rearing, and self-esteem in two North American Indian tribes
The Seminole Indians of Florida
The Seminoles
Seminoli Italwa: socio-political change among the Oklahoma Seminoles between Removal and allotment, 1836-1905
Remnants, renegades, and runaways: Seminole ethnogenesis reconsidered
The Seminole Baptist churches of Oklahoma: maintaining a traditional community
Notes on the Florida Seminole
Through unknown Florida
Camp, clan, and kin among the Cow Creek Seminole of Florida
Kinship system of the Seminole
'Friends' among the Seminole
Oklahoma Seminole towns
The medicine bundles and busks of the Florida Seminole
A Seminole personal document
Creek into Seminole
Seminole men's clothing
The Mikasuki Seminole: medical beliefs and practices
A Seminole medicine maker
Seminole Indians: Survey of the Seminole Indians of Florida ...
Like beads on a string: a culture history of the Seminole Indians in northern peninsular Florida
The enduring Seminoles: from alligator wrestling to ecotourism
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