Cherokee Collection Documents (46 documents)

Author Title Publication Date
The Cherokee perspective: written by Eastern Cherokees
Cherokee fair & festival: a history thru 1978
Chaos in the Indian country: the Cherokee Nation, 1828-35
The origins and development of Cherokee culture
Cherokee Americans: the eastern band of Cherokees in the twentieth century
Cherokee notions of power
An Analysis of Cherokee sorcery and witchcraft
Culture summary: Cherokee
Priests and warriors: social structures for Cherokee politics in the 18th century
The eastern Cherokees
Cherokees in transition: a study of changing culture and environment prior to 1775
Cherokees at the crossroads
Cherokee plants and their uses: a 400 year history
Marketing traditions: Cherokee basketry and tourist economies
William Holland Thomas and the Cherokee claims
Cherokee healing: myth, dreams, and medicine
Eastern Cherokee folktales: reconstructed from the field notes of Frans M. Olbrechts
Walk in your soul: love incantations of the Oklahoma Cherokees
Run toward the nightland: magic of the Oklahoma Cherokees
Notebook of a Cherokee shaman
The origin of eastern Cherokees as a social and political entity
The 'principal people,' 1960: a study of cultural and social groups of the Eastern Cherokee
Cherokee anomie, 1794-1910: new roles for Red men, Red women, and Black slaves
The Cherokee Ghost Dance movement of 1811-1813
Myths of the Cherokee and sacred formulas of the Cherokees
13-08 Cherokee
Snowbird Cherokees: people of persistence
Adaptation and the contemporary North Carolina Cherokee Indians
The role of Christianity in the Snowbird Cherokee community
Women, men and American Indian policy: the Cherokee response to 'civilization'
The Sequoyah syllabary and cultural revitalization
Cherokee planters: the development of plantation slavery before removal
Early ninteenth-century Cherokee political organization
Post removal factionalism in the Cherokee Nation
A law of blood: the primitive law of the Cherokee nation
A Perilous rule: the law of international homicide
Distribution of eighteenth-century Cherokee settlements
Cherokee dance and drama
Fire and the spirits: Cherokee law fron clan to court
The Cherokee frontiers, the French Revolution, and William Augustus Bowles
The Wahnenauhi manuscript: historical sketches of the Cherokees; together with some of their customs, traditions, and superstitions
New militants or resurrected state?: The Five County Northeastern Oklahoma Cherokee Organization
Type II diabetes mellitus: technological development and the Oklahoma Cherokee
Observations on social change among the eastern Cherokees
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