Iroquois Collection Documents (52 documents)

Author Title Publication Date
Iroquois women
Iroquois games
Culture and power: the emergence and politics of Akwesasne Mohawk traditionalism
The religion of Handsome Lake: its origin and development
Tonawanda Seneca ethnic identity: functional and processual analysis
The Feast of the Dead or Ghost Dance at Six Nations Reserve, Canada
An outline of Seneca ceremonies at Coldspring Longhouse
Masked medicine societies of the Iroquois
Iroquois suicide: a study in the stability of a culture pattern
The Iroquois Eagle Dance an offshoot of the Calument Dance
The concept of locality and the program of Iroquois research
Locality as a basic factor in the development of Iroquois social structure
Contacts between Iroquois herbalism and colonial medicine
An ethnohistoric and ethnographic analysis of the Iroquois from the aboriginal era to the present suburban era
From the earth to beyond the sky: an ethnographic approach to four Longhouse Iroquois speech events
Cultural persistence among the modern Iroquois
Iroquois in the West
The Iroquois and the New Deal
The Iroquois struggle for survival: World War II to Red Power
The Iroquoian concept of the soul
Local diversity in Iroquois music and dance
Sovereignty and symbol: Indian-White conflict at Ganienkeh
Tuscarora among the Iroquois
Seneca splint basketry
Iroquois crafts
League of the Ho-De'-No-Sau-Nee or Iroquois. Vol. I.
League of the Ho-De'-No-Sau-Nee or Iroquois. Vol. II
Law and government of the Grand River Iroquois
The code of Handsome Lake, the Seneca prophet
Iroquois women, then and now
Culture summary: Iroquois
The legend, myth and Code of Deganawidah and their significance to Iroquois cultural history
Conservatism among the Iroquois at the Six Nations Reserve
Concept of land ownership among the Iroquois and their neighbors
The Iroquois: a study in cultural evolution
The dream-vision experience of the Iroquois: its religious meaning
Oklahoma Seneca-Cayuga
The League of the Iroquois: its history, politics, and ritual
Iroquois since 1820
The Iroquois ceremonial of Midwinter
Some psychological determinants of culture change in an Iroquoian community
Origins of the longhouse religion
The death and rebirth of the Seneca
Iroquois foods and food preparation
Medicine and politics among the Grand River Iroquois: a study of the non-conservatives
Six Nations of the Grand River, Ontario
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