Delaware Collection Documents (21 documents)

Author Title Publication Date
Culture summary: Delaware
Cultural diversity in the lower Delaware River Valley, 1550-1750
The Okehocking band of Lenape: cultural continuities and accommodations in southeastern Pennsylvania
Religion and ceremonies of the Lenape
An account of the history, manners, and customs, of the Indian nations who once inhabited Pennsylvania and the neighboring states
A Reconstruction of aboriginal Delaware culture from contemporary sources
Delaware culture chronology
A Tentative catalogue of Minsi material culture
Old religion among the Delawares: the Gamwing (Big House rite)
Delaware personhood
The Indian journals, 1859-62
The culture and acculturation of the Delaware Indians
The Peyote cult of the Delaware Indians
Oklahoma Delaware ceremonies, feasts and dances
A study of the Delaware Indian Big House Ceremony: in native text dictated by Witapano¦xwe
Delaware Indian art designs
A study of Delaware Indian medicine practice and folk beliefs
Some psychological characteristics of the Delaware Indians during the 17th and 18th centuries
David Zeisberger's history of northern American Indians
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