Amish Collection Documents (25 documents)

Author Title Publication Date
The Old Order Amish of Lancaster County
Pregnancy and childbirth among the Amish
Genetic studies in an Amish isolate: volume 1
Population growth and fertility patterns in an Old Order Amish settlement
Children in Amish society: socialization and community education
Culture summary: Amish
Amish society
Dove at the window: a study of an Old Order Amish community in Ohio
Persistence and change in Amish education
Introduction: the struggle to be separate
The Amish encounter with modernity
War against progress: coping with social change
Plotting social change across four affiliations
The rise of microenterprises
The origin and growth of Amish tourism
Lunch pails and factories
Amish cottage industries as Trojan horse
Modernity, the folk society, and the Old Order Amish
Homespun bureaucracy: a case study in organizational evolution
Conclusion: what good are the Amish?
Amish women and the feminist conundrum
A peculiar people: Iowa's Old Order Amish
Amish on the line: the telephone debates
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