Arab Americans Collection Documents (32 documents)

Author Title Publication Date
Culture summary: Arab Americans
The Yemeni immigrant community of Detroit: background, emigration, and community life
Anti-Arab racism and violence in the United States
The Southend: an Arab working-class community
Detroit’s Arab-American community: a survery of diversity and commonality
The Lebanese Maronites: patterns of continuity and change
The Arab-American community of Springfield, Massachusetts
Challenges to the Arab-American family and ACCESS
Attitudes of immigrant women and men in the Dearborn area toward women’s employment and welfare
The southeast Dearborn Arab community struggles for survival against urban “renewal”
Yemeni and Lebanese Muslim immigrant women in southeast Dearborn, Michigan
Palestinian women in American society
Palestinian-American Muslim women: living on the margins of two worlds
Immigrant Palestinian women evaluate their lives
“Colored” and Catholic: the Lebanese in Birmingham, Alabama
The Arab Moslems in the United States: religion and assimilation
The woman’s role in socialization of Syrian-American in Chicago
Arab Muslims and Islamic institutions in America: adaption and reform
Maintaining the faith of the fathers: dilemmas of religious identity in the Christian and Muslim Arab-American communities
The institutional development of the Arab-American community of Boston: a sketch
From the Near East to Down East
The Syrian-Lebanese in America: a study in religion and assimilation
The background and causes of Lebanese/Syrian immigration to the United States before World War I
Becoming American: the early Arab immigrant experience
Belief in the evil eye among the Chriatian Syrian-Lebanese in America
Emigration from Syria and the Syrian-Lebanese community of Worcester, MA
Care of the elderly within Muslim families
Good works, good times: the Syrian Ladies’ Aide Society of Boston, 1917-1932
Bilingual patterns of an Arabic-English speech community
Arab-Americans and the political process
The Shi’a mosques and their congregations in Dearborn
An Islamic-Lebanese community in U.S.A.: a study in cultural anthropology
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