Cuban Americans Collection Documents (23 documents)

Author Title Publication Date
The impact of the Cuban exodus on Dade County's educational system
Capital Cubans: refugee adaptation in Washington, D.C.
The Cuban-American experience: culture, images, and perspectives
A demographic profile of Cuban Americans
The use of English and Spanish among Cubans in Miami
The social impact of Cuban immigration in Florida
Cultural contributions of the Cuban migrations in south Florida
Havana USA: Cuban exiles and Cuban Americans in south Florida, 1951-1994
The Cuban-American labor movement in Dade County: an emerging immigrant working class
The impact of exiled Cuban musicians in south Florida
The qualitatively different and massive nature of the Cuban outflow after Castro's revolution
The political impact of Cuban-Americans in Florida
Cuban art in south Florida
A year to remember: Mariel
How the enclave was built
Culture summary: Cuban Americans
Cuban Miami
Immigrant economic adjustment and family organization: the Cuban success story reexamined
Cubans in the United States
The Cubans, religion and south Florida
Adaptation and adjustment of Cubans: West New York, New Jersey
The assimilation of Cuban exiles: the role of community and class
Ethnicity and the politics of symbolism in Miami's Cuban community
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