Haitian Americans Collection Documents (12 documents)

Author Title Publication Date
Transnationalism in the construct of Haitian migrants' racial categories of identity in New York City
Haitian family patterns of migration to south Florida
Culture summary: Haitian Americans
All in the same boat?: unity and diversity in Haitian organizing in New York
'Everywhere we go, we are in danger': Ti manno and the emergence of a Haitian transnational identity
American odyssey: Haitians in New York City
The Haitians: the cultural meaning of race and ethnicity
Language and identity: Haitians in New York City
The refugees nobody wants: Haitians in Miami
Flight into despair: a profile of recent Haitian refugees in south Florida
Becoming Black American: Haitians and American institutions in Evanston, Illinois
Haitian immigrants in Black America: a sociological and sociolinguistic portrait
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