Chinese Americans Collection Documents (16 documents)

Author Title Publication Date
Culture summary: Chinese Americans
Chinatown no more: Taiwan immigrants in contemporary New York
Bridging the Pacific: San Francisco Chinatown and its people
Sojourners and settlers: Chinese migrants in Hawaii
The challenge of the American dream: the Chinese in the United States
Additional bibliography on Chinese in the United States
Social and political change in New York's Chinatown: the role of voluntary associations
The new Chinatown
Chinatown: most time, hard time
Chinese gold: the Chinese in the Monterey Bay region
Longtime Californ': a documentary study of an American Chinatown
The Chinese experience in America
Valley City: a Chinese community in America
A Chinese American community: ethnicity and survival strategies
Chinatown, economic adaptation and ethnic identity of the Chinese
Chinatown: the socioeconomic potential of an urban enclave
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