Ojibwa Collection Documents (56 documents)

Author Title Publication Date
The Mishomis book: the voice of the Ojibway
The Northern Ojibwa and the fur trade: an historical and ecological study
Ojibwa power belief system
Culture summary: Ojibwa
Fair Wind: medicine and consolation in the Berens River
Farmers, warriors, traders: a fresh look at Ojibway women
Chippewa customs
Disputed waters: Native Americans and the Great Lakes fishery
Indian participation in the industrial economy on the north shore of Lake Superior
Social and economic change among the northern Ojibwa
Supplementary bibliography of works by A. Irving Hallowell
The Saulteux Indians about 1804
Group identities in the boreal forest: the origin of the northern Ojibwa
The Ojibwa of Berens River, Manitoba: ethnography into history
Northern Ojibwa ecological adaptation and social organization
Ojibwa ontology, behavior, and world view
Ojibwa world view and disease
The role of dreams in Ojibwa culture
A Chippewa Case: resource control and self-determination
Chiefs and principal men: a question of leadership in treaty negotiations
The Chippewa and their neighbors: a study in ethnohistory
Ethnohistory of Chippewa of Lake Superior
Chippewa child life and its cultural background
The Temagami experience: recreation, resources, and aboriginal rights in the northern Ontario wilderness
Rainy River sturgeon: an Ojibway resource in the fur trade economy
Ojibwa horticulture in the Upper Mississippi and boundary waters
The Ojibwa Indians of Parry Island, their social and religious life
Indian school days
Kitchi-Gami: wanderings round Lake Superior
Factional alignment among the Minnesota Ojibwe, 1850-1880
Native rice, native hands: the Ikwe Marketing Collective
Ojibwa sociology
Alcohol and drug use among the Brokenhead Ojibwa
The White Earth tragedy: ethnicity and dispossession at a Minnesota Anishinaabe Reservation, 1889-1920
Looking in, looking out: coping with adolescent suicide in the Cree and Ojibway communities of northern Ontario
The Ojibwa of Western Canada, 1780 to 1870
A year with a Chippewa Family
Subsistence strategy in the fish and hare period, northern Ontario: the Weagamow Ojibwa, 1880-1920
Northern Ojibwa
Southeastern Ojibwa
The Round Lake Ojibwa
Dancing with a ghost: exploring Indian reality
The Ojibwa of southern Ontario
A study in economic change: the Chippewa of northern Wisconsin: 1854-1900
A poison stronger than love: the destruction of an Ojibwa community
Saulteaux of Lake Winnipeg
A narrative of the captivity and adventures of John Tanner, (U.S. interpreter at the Saut de Ste. Marie,): during thirty years residence among the Indians in the interior of North America
Moose to moccasins: the story of Ka Kita Wa Pa No Kwe
Traditional Ojibwa religion and its historical changes
Wild rice and the Ojibway people
Collections of the Minnesota Historical Society, Volume 5
The Red Lake and Pembina Chippewa
'Give us a little milk': the social and cultural meanings of gift giving in the Lake Superior fur trade
A skilled game of exchange: Ojibway fur trade protocol
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