Blackfoot Collection Documents (35 documents)

Author Title Publication Date
Old Swan, Big Man, and the Siksika Bands, 1794-1815
Culture summary: Blackfoot
Comments and reflections: economic models and Blackfoot ideology
The Blackfoot Indians
Charcoal‘s world
The Blackfeet: raiders of the northwestern Plains
The horse in Blackfoot Indian culture, with comparative material from other western tribes
Blackfeet crafts
The Blackfoot: buffalo hunters of the North American Plains
Changing configurations in the social organization of a Blackfoot tribe during the reserve period (the Blood of Alberta, Canada)
Blackfoot lodge tales: the story of a prairie people
Tribe under trust: a study of the Blackfoot Reserve of Alberta
Observations on Northern Blackfoot kinship
Ethnobotany of the Blackfoot Indians
The Blood People: a division of the Blackfoot Confederacy: an illustrated interpretation of the old ways
The ways of my grandmothers
Wanderings of an artist among the Indians of North America from Canada to Vancouver’s Island and Oregon through the Hudson’s Bay Company’s Territory and back again
Blackfoot persons
Piegan: a look from within at the life, times, and legacy of an American Indian tribe
The effects of White contact upon Blackfoot culture: with special reference to the role of the fur trade
Adoption practices of the Blood Indians of Alberta, Canada
The old north trail: or, Life, legends and religion of the Blackfeet Indians
Modern Blackfeet: Montanans on a reservation
My people, the Bloods
Property relations, production relations, and inequality: anthropology, political economy, and the Blackfeet
Blackfeet families and households
The Blackfoot confederacy, 1880-1920: a comparative study of Canadian and U.S. Indian policy
Blackfeet and buffalo: memories of life among the Indians
The Sun god‘s children
Mythology of the Blackfoot Indians
The social life of the Blackfoot Indians
Ceremonial bundles of the Blackfoot Indians
Material culture of the Blackfoot Indians
Societies and dance associations of the Blackfoot Indians
The Sun Dance of the Blackfoot Indians
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