Assiniboine Collection Documents (21 documents)

Author Title Publication Date
A Witness to murder: the Cypress Hills Massacre and the conflict of attitudes towards native people of the Canadian and American West during the 1870's
Indian tribes of the upper Missouri
Of the Assiniboines
Notes on the material culture of the Assiniboine Indians
The bear cult among the Assiniboin and their neighbors of the northern Plains
The Assiniboin horse medicine cult
Assiniboin antelope-horn headdresses
William Standing (1904-1951): versatile Assiniboin artist
The Cypress Hills massacre: a century's retrospect
Recollections of an Assiniboine chief
The Assiniboines: From the accounts of the Old Ones told to First Boy (James Larpenteur Long)
The Assiniboine
A Few Assiniboine texts
Carry the Kettle: Assiniboine centenarian
Culture summary: Assiniboine
Sioux, Assiniboine, and Stoney dialects: a classification
Indians in the fur trade: their role as trappers, hunters, and middlemen in the lands southwest of Hudson Bay, 1660-1870
Political structure and status among the Assiniboine Indians
An Assiniboine horse-raiding expedition
The Fort Belknap Assiniboine of Montana
Crees, Cree-Assiniboines, and Assiniboines: interethnic social organization on the far northern Plains
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