Copper Inuit Collection Documents (38 documents)

Author Title Publication Date
Native copper objects of the Copper Eskimo
Eskimo lamps and cooking vessels
Unusual Eskimo snow-shovel
Osteology of the western and central Eskimos
The blood group genes of the Copper Eskimo
The variations of a land use pattern: seasonal movements and cultural change among the Copper Inuit
Journal of H.M.S. Enterprise on the expedition of Sir John Franklin's ships by Behring Strait, 1850-55
Account of the proceedings of H.M.S. Enterprise from Behring Strait to Cambridge Bay
Seasonal variation and interpersonal conflict in the central Canadian Arctic
Inuit youth: growth and change in the Canadian Arctic
Inuit behavior and seasonal change in the Canadian Arctic
Culture summary: Copper Inuit
Copper Eskimo
The Copper Eskimo
The incredible Eskimo: life among the barren land Eskimo
Journey from Fort Prince Wales, in Hudson's Bay to the northern ocean, for the discovery of copper mines and a north-west passage, performed between the years 1769 and 1772, by Mr. Samuel Hearne
The life of the Copper Eskimos
Eskimo string figures
Myths and traditions from northern Alaska, the Mackenzie Delta, and Coronation Gulf
Physical characteristics of the Copper Eskimos
The Copper Eskimos
The cultural transformation of the Copper Eskimo
Origin of the Copper Eskimos and their copper culture
The 'blond' Eskimos
Copper objects of the Copper Eskimo -- a reply to Mr. Cadzow
The material culture of the Copper Eskimos
The people of the twilight
The Copper Eskimo
Nunaga: my land, my country
Intellectual culture of the Copper Eskimos
Arctic searching expedition: a journal of a boat-voyage through Rupert's land and the Arctic Seas in search of the discovery ships under command of Sir John Franklin, with an appendix on the physical geography of North America
The dentition of the western and central Eskimos
Eskimo songs: songs of the Copper Eskimo (Southern Party -- 1913-16)
The anthropometry of the western and Copper Eskimos, based on data of Vilhjalmur Stefansson
My life with the Eskimo
The Stefánsson-Anderson Arctic Expedition of the American Museum: preliminary ethnological report
The 'blond' Eskimos -- a question of method
Economic basis and resource use of the Coppermine-Holman region, N.W.T.
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