Tlingit Collection Documents (29 documents)

Author Title Publication Date
Tlingit stories
Text and context of Tlingit oral tradition
The story of a Tlingit community: a problem in the relationship between archaeological, ethnological and historical methods
Under Mount Saint Elias: the history and culture of the Yakutat Tlingit
Some problems in the relationship between Tlingit archaeology and ethnology
The Tlingit Indians
Historical aspects of Tlingit clans in Angoon, Alaska
Art of the northern Tlingit
A study of the Thlingets of Alaska
Symbolic immortality: the Tlingit potlatch of the nineteenth century
Tlingit women and town politics
The Thlinkets of southeastern Alaska
The Tlingit Indians: results of a trip to the northwest coast of America and the Bering Straits
The Inland Tlingit
The interrelations of social structure with northern Tlingit ceremonialism
Crime and punishment in Tlingit society
The social economy of the Tlingit Indians
Social structure and social life of the Tlingit in Alaska
Processes of Russian-Tlingit acculturation in southeastern Alaska
'Because we cherish you--': Sealaska elders speak to the future
The life of a Chilkat Indian girl
Chilkat houses
Social condition, beliefs, and linguistic relationship of the Tlingit Indians
Culture summary: Tlingit
The cultural foundation of political revitalization among the Tlingit
Potlatching and political organization among the Northwest Coast Indians
From localized clans to regional corporation: the acculturation of the Tlingit
A structural change in Tlingit potlatching
Northwest Coast village adaptations: a case study
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