Alutiiq Collection Documents (35 documents)

Author Title Publication Date
An ethnographic sketch of Old Harbor, Kodiak: an Eskimo village
The Chugach Eskimo
Early collections from the Pacific Eskimo
Incised figurine tablets from Kodiak, Alaska
Koniag prehistory: archaeological investigations at late prehistoric sites on Kodiak Island, Alaska
Koniag-Pacific Eskimo bibliography
Pacific Eskimo: historical ethnography
Voyage of Stephen Glottoff in the Andrean and Natalia, 1762
Postcontact Koniag ceremonialism on Kodiak Island and the Alaskan Peninsula: evidence from the Fisher Collection
A Preliminary report of the dentition study of two isolates of Kodiak Island
Contemporary Pacific Eskimo
Earthquake, tsunami, resettlement and survival in two north Pacific Alaskan native villages
The role of the Russian Orthodox Church in the five Pacific Eskimo villages as revealed by the earthquake
The blood groups of three Konyag isolates
The Kodiak Region
Notes on Koniag material culture
Petroglyphs from southwestern Kodiak Island, Alaska
Pottery from the southern Eskimo region
The Koniags
The anthropology of Kodiak Island
The spirits of the Chugash people of Alaska are at rest once again
Growth studies on a hybrid population of Eskimo-White origin in southwestern Alaska
The mythology of Kodiak Island, Alaska
Kodiak studies: introduction
Konyag physical anthropology: introduction
General introduction: design of studies and their current status
Fingerprint patterns from Karluk village, Kodiak Island
Alutiiq vikings: kinship and fishing in Old Harbor, Alaska
Culture summary: Alutiiq
Ethnic identity, cultural pride, and generations of baggage: a personal experience
The Russian Orthodox Church as a native institution among the Koniag Eskimo of Kodiak Island, Alaska
The voyage of Gregory Shelekhof, a Russian merchant from Okhotzk, on the eastern ocean, to the coast of America, in the years 1783, 1784, 1785, 1786, 1787, and his return to Russia: from his own journal
A demographic study of Karluk, Kodiak Island, Alaska, 1962-1964
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