Aleut Collection Documents (62 documents)

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A Medical survey of the Aleutian Islands (1948)
The Aleuts
Botanical and ethnological studies in the Aleutian Islands: II. health and medical lore of the Aleuts
Aleut dialects of Atka and Attu
Effects of a technological change in an Aleutian village
Blood-group determinations upon the bones of thirty Aleutian mummies
Animal life of the Aleutian Islands
The islands and their people
A voyage to the Pacific ocean: Undertaken, by the command of His Majesty, for making discoveries in the northern hemisphere. Performed under the direction of Captains Cook, Clerke, and Gore, in His Majesty's ships the Resolution and Discovery; in the year
Account of the Russian discoveries between Asia and America
Article VI: on the remains of later pre-historic man obtained from caves in the Catherina Archipelago, Alaska Territory, and especially from the caves of the Aleutian Islands
Our Arctic province: Alaska and the Seal Islands
Report on the seal islands of Alaska
Some textile specimens from the Aleutian Islands
The Aleut language: the elements of Aleut grammar with a dictionary in two parts containing basic vocabularies of Aleut and English
Eskimo and Aleut stories from Alaska
Aconite poison whaling in Asia and America: an Aleutian transfer to the New World
The Aleutian and Commander islands and their inhabitants
Notes on the Athin Aleuts and the Koloshi
Notes on the Islands of the Unalaska District
Aleut hunting and headgear and its ornamentation
History, ethnology, and anthropology of the Aleut
Archaeological investigations in the Aleutian Islands
People of the foggy sea
Scientific results of the ethnological section of the Riabouschinsky Expedition of the Imperial Russian Geographical Society to the Aleutian Islands and Kamchatka
A study of social and economic problems in Unalaska, an Aleut village
Aleuts in transition: a comparison of two villages
An Aleutian basket
Voyages and travels in various parts of the world, during the years 1803, 1804, 1805, 1806, and 1807
The Aleut social system: 1750 to 1810, from early historical sources
The physical anthropology of three Aleut populations: Attu, Atka, and Nikolski
Aleuts: survivors of the Bering Land Bridge
Two Aleut tales
Human anatomical terms among the Aleutian Islanders
Aboriginal American basketry
Aboriginal American harpoons: a study in ethnic distribution and invention
Throwing-sticks in the National Museum
The cruise of the Corwin: journal of the Arctic expedition of 1881 in search of De Long and the Jeanette
Back to the smoky sea
Bering's successors, 1745-1780
The Aleutian-Pribilof Islands region
Report on the population, industries, and resources of Alaska
The limit of the Innuit tribes on the Alaska coast
Prehistoric art of the Aleutian Islands
Toggle harpoon heads from the Aleutian Islands
Pottery from the Aleutian Islands
Aleutian islanders: Eskimos of the north Pacific
Stories, myths and superstitions of Fox Island Aleut children
Aleut semaphore signals
Account of a voyage of discovery to the north-east of Siberia, the frozen ocean, and the north-east sea: volume II
An account of a geographical… expedition to … Russia
Ethnological notes on the Aleuts
The girls' puberty ceremony at Umnak, Aleutian Islands
They know their bones
The outside man and his relation to Aleut culture
Culture summary: Aleut
The northern fur seal: a subsistence and commerical resource for Aleuts of the Aleutian and Pribilof Islands, Alaska
Plants on the Aleutian Islands
An Aleutian burial
Health and growth of Aleut children
Aleutian manuscript collection
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