Korean Americans Collection Documents (18 documents)

Author Title Publication Date
Koreans in America
The Korean family in Los Angeles
Assimilation patterns of immigrants in the United States: a case study of Korean immigrants in the Chicago area
Korean immigrants in America: a structural analysis of ethnic confinement and adhesive adaptation
Some aspects of social demography of Korean Americans
New urban immigrants: the Korean community in New York
The burden of double roles: Korean wives in the USA
The extended conjugal family: family-kinship system of Korean immigrants in the United States
A study of social networks within two Korean communities in America
Immigrant entrepreneurs: Koreans in Los Angeles, 1965-1982
Ethnic business enterprise: Korean small business in Atlanta
Problems of Korean immigrant entrepreneurship
Culture summary: Korean Americans
Koreans in America: a demographic analysis
Korean women in America: 1903-1930
Kinship networks among Korean immigrants in the U.S.: structural analysis
Occupation and work patterns of Korean immigrants
The activities of women in southern California Korean community organizations
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