Italian Americans Collection Documents (66 documents)

Author Title Publication Date
Italian Americans: into the twilight of ethnicity
Beyond the 'Godfather' image: the role of Italian-Americans in the development of America
Boys in Little Italy: a comparison of their individual value orientations, family patterns, and peer group associations
Converting the Italians: Protestant and Catholic proselytizers in Milwaukee
Working for some rich people: an oral history of Highwood, Illinois
The Italian family in the United States
Nassau County's Italian American Women: A Comparative View
Celebration, conflict & reconciliation at Saint Anthony's
Chicago's Italian American rally for immigration reform
A sociodemographic analysis of Italian Americans and the twilight of ethnicity
Tears of blood: the Calabrian villanella and immigrant epiphanies
Current patterns of socialization and adaptation in an Italian American community
From Italy to San Francisco: the immigrant experience
Funerals, family and forefathers: Italian-American funeral practices
The social role identity of Italian-American women: an analysis and comparison of familial and religious expectations
Old World traits obliterated: immigrant midwives and the medicalization of childbirth
Involved and 'there': the activities of Italian American women in urban neighborhoods
The varieties of ethnic experience: kinship, class and gender among California Italian-Americans
Italian Americans in the year 2000: the impact of education
The Italians of New York
The meaning of community: a history of the Italians in San Francisco
The development and maintenance of New York City's Italian-American neighborhoods
The cultural background of the Italian immigrant woman and its impact on her unionization in the New York City garment industry, 1880-1919
The urban villagers: group and class in the life of Italian-Americans
Fact in fiction: oral traditions and the Italian American writer
The Italian Americans: cultural traits and socio-economic achievements
Italian migrant workers in turn-of-the-century New Jersey
The Italian Americans
The Italians of Oswego
Growing up and growing old in Italian-American families
The position of Italian Americans in contemporary society
The Italian community of Philadelphia
Building Little Italy: Philadelphia's Italians before mass migration
America's Little Italies: past, present and future
An ounce of prevention: community health and Italian-American women
A portrait of third generation Italian-American family life: interviews and observations with six families
Vengo per fare l'America: the sojourner businessman
From steerage to suburb: Long Island Italians
Monte Carmelo: an Italian-American community in the Bronx
Playing with food: the negotiation of identity in the ethnic display event by Italian Americans in Clinton, Indiana
Ethnicity in the sunbelt: Italian American migrants in Scottsdale, Arizona
Italian folktales in America: the verbal art of an immigrant woman
The hill upon a city: the evolution of an Italian-American community in St. Louis, 1882-1950
Italians in Chicago, 1880-1930: a study in ethnic mobility
The Madonna of 115th Street: faith and community in Italian Harlem, 1880-1950
A view of two major centers of Italian anarchism in the United States: Spring Valley and Chicago, Illinois
The Italian heritage in Tampa
The Italians of New York City, 1890-1914
Culture summary: Italian Americans
Moral familism: Italian-Americans and Società
The Italians in Kenosha, Wisconsin
Small business and social mobility among Italian Americans
Observations on an ethnic community: Baltimore's Little Italy
Stereotypes as cultural constructs: a kaleidoscopic picture of Italian Americans in Northern California
Italian language and culture promotion: the pitfall of cross-cultural misunderstanding
The park and the Italians
Voices: an anthropologist's dialogue with an Italian-American festival
Assimilation and religion: the role of the Italian ethnic church in the New York metropolitan area, 1880-1920
The Italians of Greenwich Village: the social structure and transformation of an ethnic community
Cult and occult in Italian-American culture: the persistence of a religious heritage
The scholarship of the AIHA: past achievements and future perspectives
Community, identity and schools: educational experiences of Italians in San Francisco from the Gold Rush to the Second World War
Street corner society: the social structure of an Italian slum
Adjustment and integration: the Italian experience in Colorado
Family and community: Italian immigrants in Buffalo, 1880-1930
Unionism and the Italian American worker: the politics of anti-communism in the International Ladies' Garment Workers' Union in New York City, 1900-1925
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