North American Hmong Collection Documents (34 documents)

Author Title Publication Date
The Hmong of central California: an investigation and analysis of the changing family structure during liminality, acculturation and transition
The impact of Indochinese resettlement on the Phillips and Elliot Park neighborhoods in South Minneapolis
Factors affecting psychological distress within the Hmong refugee community
Change and continuity in the medical culture of the Hmong of Kansas City
Changing lives of refugee Hmong women
Home is where you make it: Hmong refugees in Georgia
Segmentary kinship in an urban society: the Hmong of St. Paul-Minneapolis
Clan leadership in the Hmong community of Providence, Rhode Island
Hmong Paj Ntaub: a comparison of design motifs, color, size and ornamental construction techniques between 1977-1979 and 1981-1983
A study of the older Hmong refugees in the United States
Hmong in the workplace
Rural Hmong population in western Washington state: the consequences of migration for nutritional status and growth
The integration of Hmong adults into American society through the community college: a participatory study of the possibilities of cultural preservation
Hmong myths, legends and folk tales: a resource for cultural understanding
Culture summary: North American Hmong
The locked medicine cabinet: Hmong health care in America
New pioneers in the heartland: Hmong life in Wisconsin
Hmong American New Year rituals: generational bonds through dress
Transmission and reconstruction of gender through dress: Hmong American New Year rituals
The educational achievement of the St. Paul Hmong
Sudden adult death in Asian populations: the case of the Hmong
A bibliography of the Hmong (Miao) of Southeast Asia and the Hmong refugees in the United States
From the heart and the mind: creating Paj Ntaub in the context of community
Traditional Hmong birth customs: a historical study
An investigation of the process of biculturation with Hmong refugees
The Hmong refugee community in San Diego: theoretical and practical implications of its continuing ethnic solidarity
Migrants without mountains: the politics of sociocultural adjustment among the Lao Hmong refugees in San Diego
The Hmong: an annotated bibliography, 1983-1987
Ethnopharmacologic analysis of medicinal plants used by Laotian Hmong refugees in Minnesota
Hmong migration and leadership in Laos and in the United States
Cultural conflict and adaptation: the case of Hmong children in American society
Hmong refugee economic adjustment in a California community
From mountaintops to city streets: an ethnographic investigation of literacy and social process among the Hmong of Philadelphia
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