Chicanos Collection Documents (58 documents)

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Mexican Americans in a Dallas barrio
Breast-feeding and social class mobility: the case of Mexican migrant mothers in Houston, Texas
Familia: immigration and adaptation in Baja and Alta California, 1800-1975
The psychohistorical and socioeconomic development of the Chicano community in the United States
The effects of formal church affiliation and religiosity on fertility patterns of Mexican Americans in Austin, Texas
Family planning practices of Mexican Americans
The Chicano worker
Household work/subsistence strategies among Mexican Americans of the lower Rio Grande Valley
Shadowed lives: undocumented immigrants in American society
Feminism: the Chicana and Anglo versions
Literacy for empowerment: the role of parents in children's education
Los pastores: history and performance in the Mexican shepherds' play of South Texas
Health and illness perceptions of the Chicana
'Guess how doughnuts are made': verbal and nonverbal aspects of the PANADERO and his stereotype
The CASO: an emic genre of folk narrative
The Mexican-American people, the Nation's second largest minority
Mexican, Mexican American, and Chicana childbirth
Mexican-American and Anglo midwifery in San Antonio, Texas
Curanderismo: Mexican-American folk psychiatry
The Mexican-American workers of San Antonio, Texas
Voluntary associations among Mexican Americans in San Antonio, Texas: organizational and leadership characteristics
'La vieja Inés,' a Mexican folk game: a research note
Texas-Mexican popular music and dancing: some notes on history and symbolic process
carne, carnales, and the carnivalesque: Bakhtinian batos, disorder, and narrative discourses
Cultural styles and adolescent sex role perceptions: an exploration of responses to a value picture projective test
'All the good and bad in this world': Women, traditional medicine, and Mexican American culture
Mexican-Americans of south Texas
Older Mexican Americans: a study in an urban barrio
Symbolic strategies for change: a discussion of the Chicana women's movement
Living in La Fabrica: environment, opinion, and strategies for survival among low income Mexican-Americans in Laredo, Texas
Gender roles
Cultural conflict
Selective acculturation of female Mexican migrants
The Mexican outsiders: a community history of marginalization and discrimination in California
Chicano aging and mental health
La Chicana: the Mexican-American woman
Mexican Americans
The emergence of conjunto music, 1935-1955
Donship in a Mexican-American community in Texas
Charismatic medicine, folk-healing, and folk-sainthood
The anthropology and sociology of the Mexican-Americans: the distortion of Mexican-American history
Across the tracks: Mexican-Americans in a Texas city
Chicano revolt in a Texas town
To be aged, Hispanic, and female: the triple risk
Transformations: immigration, family life, and achievement motivation among Latino adolescents
Cuantos somos: a demographic study of the Mexican American population
Chicano empowerment and bilingual education: movimiento politics in Crystal City, Texas
Chicana use of abortion: the case of Alcala
From Indians to Chicanos: the dynamics of Mexican-American culture
Culture summary: Chicanos
Border visions: Mexican cultures of the Southwest United States
The nonconsenting sterilization of Mexican women in Los Angeles: issues of psychocultural rupture and legal redress in paternalistic behavioral environments
Social networks and survival strategies: an exploratory study of Mexican American, black, and Anglo female family heads in San Jose, California
The Chicano experience
Mexican American women as innovators
Women's work and Chicano families: cannery workers of the Santa Clara Valley
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