Libyan Bedouin Collection Documents (15 documents)

Author Title Publication Date
The sedentarization of nomads in the Western Desert of Egypt
Veiled sentiments: honor and poetry in a Bedouin society
Shifting politics in Bedouin love poetry
Writing women’s worlds: Bedouin stories
The Herders of Cyrenaica: ecology, economy and kinship among the Bedouin of Eastern Libya
Culture summary: Libyan Bedouin
Libyan politics: tribe and revolution: an account of the Zuwaya and their government
The Sanusi of Cyrenaica
Bloodmoney: Western Desert
The quest for order among Awlad Ali of the Western Desert of Egypt
The Western Bedouin (El Mugharba)
Western Desert law
Structure and authority in a Bedouin tribe: the ’Aishabit of the Western Desert of Egypt
The Bedouin of Cyrenaica: studies in personal and corporate power
Investors and workers in the western desert of Egypt: an exploratory survey
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