Songhai Collection Documents (12 documents)

Author Title Publication Date
Le système familial songhay-zarma
Religion and state in the Songhay Empire, 1464-1591
Archers, musketeers, and mosquitoes: the Moroccan invasion of the Sudan and the Songhay Resistance (1591-1612)
Les Songhay
La religion et la magie Songhay
Culture Summary: Songhai
Social interaction and the management of Songhay socio-political change
Fusion of the worlds: an ethnography of possession among the Songhay of Niger
The negotiation of Songhay space: phenomenology in the heart of darkness
The epistemology of sorkotarey: language, metaphor and healing among the Songhay
Embodying colonial memories
Beyond monument lies empire: mapping Songhay space in tenth- to sixteenth-century West Africa
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