Hausa Collection Documents (20 documents)

Author Title Publication Date
Baba of Karo, a woman of the Muslim Hausa
Hausa theatre in Niger: a contemporary oral art
Horses, musicians and gods: the Hausa cult of possession-trance
Custom & politics in urban Africa: a study of Hausa migrants in Yoruba towns
The social development of the Hausa child
Political support in a Hausa village
The rural economies
The influence of Islam on a Sudanese religion
Islam and clan organization among the Hausa
A chronicle of Abuja
Rural Hausa: a village and setting
Culture summary: Hausa
Land use at Soba, Zaria Province, northern Nigeria
Hausa folk lore: customs, proverbs, etc. In two volumes
Gods and goods in Africa: persistence and change in ethnic and religious identity in Yauri Emirate, North-Western State, Nigeria
The economy of Hausa communities of Zaria
Cooperation in Hausa society
Government in Zazzau 1800-1950
The affairs of Daura
Pilgrims in a strange land: Hausa communities in Chad
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