Amhara Collection Documents (16 documents)

Author Title Publication Date
Dreams in Amharic prose fiction
The Shoan Plateau and its people: an essay in local geography
Family and property amongst the Amhara nobility
Land tenure among the Amhara of Ethiopia: the dynamics of cognatic descent
The role of ambilineal descent groups in Gojjam Amhara social organization
Social stratification in traditional Amhara society
Wax & gold: tradition and innovation in Ethiopian culture
Highland plateau Amhara of Ethiopia
Ethiopian folktales ascribed to the late nineteenth century Amhara wit, Aläqa Gäbre-Hanna
Culture summary: Amhara
The government of Ethiopia
The evil eye belief among the Amhara of Ethiopia
The structure and functions of religious belief among the Amhara of Ethiopia
Medical beliefs and practices of Begemder Amhara
Magic as a 'quasi-profession': the organization of magic and magical healing among Amhara
Varieties of Amhara graphic art
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