Turks Collection Documents (29 documents)

Author Title Publication Date
The basic structure
Culture summary: Turks
Ula: an Anatolian town
The significance of family and kinship in urban Turkey
The Nahiye Müdürü: a note
The village and the village institute: Hasanoğlan
The orthodoxization of ritual practice in western Anatolia
Love by arrangement: the ambiguity of 'spousal choice' in a Turkish village
Performing piety and Islamic modernity in a Turkish village
A stereotype of agriculture in semiarid Turkey
Sex roles, value of children and fertility
Interdependencies between agroeconomic development and social change: a comparative study conducted in the Cukurova region of southern Turkey
The women of small town
Tradition and change in a Turkish town
A village in Anatolia
Foundations of Turkish local government
Alisar: a unit of land occupance in the Kanak Su Basin of Central Anatolia
Duofocal family structure and an alternative model of husband-wife relationships
Changes in women's activities both inside and outside the home
Life in a Turkish village
The social context of modern Turkish names
Aspects of Turkish kinship and social structure
Dispute and settlement in rural Turkey: an ethnography of law
Turkish village
Land, marriage, and the law in Turkish villages
The domestic cycle and the distribution of power in Turkish villages
Hasanoğlan: socio-economic structure of a Turkish village
The village as an administrative unit
The revenues of local authorities
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