Zulu Collection Documents (47 documents)

Author Title Publication Date
Zulu thought-patterns and symbolism
A present day Zulu philosopher
Claiming spaces, changing places: political violence and women's protests in KwaZulu-Natal
Old women in Zulu culture
Zulu medicine and medicine-men
The religious system of the Amazulu: izinyanga zokubula; or, divination, as existing among the Amazulu, in their own words, with a translation into English, and notes
Nursery tales, traditions, and histories of the Zulus, in their own words, with a translation into English, and notes
A Zulu king speaks: statements made by Cetshwayo kaMpande on the history and customs of his people
Ethnicity and federalism: the case of KwaZulu/Natal
The isangoma: an adaptive agent among the urban Zulu
Religious revivalism among urban Zulu
Like lions they fought: the Zulu war and the last Black empire in South Africa
'the past is far and the future is far': power and performance among Zulu migrant workers
Divinations, confessions, testimonies: Zulu confrontations with the social superstructure
The Kingdom of the Zulu of South Africa
Analysis of a social situation in modern Zululand
Inkatha and its use of the Zulu past
Zululand: or, life among the Zulu-Kafirs of Natal and Zulu-land, South Africa. With map, and illustrations, largely from original photographs
Women, marginality and the Zulu state: women's institutions and power in the early nineteenth century
Life histories, reproductive histories: rural South African women's narratives of fertility, reproductive health and illness
You only need one bull to cover fifty cows: Zulu women and 'traditional' dress
Marriage customs in southern Natal
The Zulu
IZIBOBGO -- the political art of praising: poetical socio-regulative discourse in Zulu society
The social system of the Zulus
Girls' puberty songs and their relation to fertility, health, morality, and religion among the Zulus
Some Zulu concepts important for an understanding of fertility and other rituals
The 'house' and Zulu political structure in the nineteenth century
Infect one, infect all: Zulu youth response to AIDS epidemic in South Africa
Social influences in Zulu dreaming
Some Zulu concepts of psychogenic disorder
Agricultural ceremonies in Natal and Zululand
Chiefly authority, leapfrogging headmen and the political economy of Zululand, South Africa, ca. 1930-1950
Male attitudes to family planning in the era of HIV/AIDS: evidence from KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
Patriotism, patriarchy and purity: Natal and the politics of Zulu ethnic consciousness
Body and mind in Zulu medicine: an ethnography of health and disease in Nyuswa-Zulu thought and practice
The social functions of avoidances and taboos among the Zulu
Zulu tribe in transition: by D.H. Reader
Curing what ails them: individual circumstances and religious choice among the Zulu-speakers in Durban, South Africa
A royal account of music in Zulu life with translation, annotation, and musical transcription
A preliminary report on traditional beadwork in the Mhkwanazi area of the Mtunzini District, Zululand
Magic, sorcery, and football among the urban Zulu: a case of reinterpretation under acculturation
The Kafirs of Natal and the Zulu country
Culture summary: Zulu
Kinship terminology of the South African Bantu
Zulu transformations: a study of the dynamics of social change
Workers and warriors: Inkatha's politics of masculinity in the 1980's
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