San Collection Documents (81 documents)

Author Title Publication Date
Ju/'hoan women's tracking knowledge and its contribution to their husbands' hunting success
Religion and folklore
Women like meat: the folklore and foraging ideology of the Kalahari Ju/'hoan
Hunters, clients and squatters: the contemporary socioeconomic status of the Botswana Basarwa
Bushmen terms of relationship
Note on Bushmen orthography
!Kung knowledge of animal behavior: (or: the proper study of mankind is animals)
Trade and reciprocity among the River Bushmen of northern Botswana
Prehistoric herders and foragers of the Kalahari: the evidence for 1500 years of interaction
If you have a child you have a life: demographic and cultural perspectives on fathering in old age in !Kung society
Technological change and child behavior among the !Kung
!Kung women: contrasts in sexual egalitarianism in foraging and sedentary contexts
Social and economic constraints on child life among the !Kung
Room to maneuver: !Kung women cope with men
Coming in from the Bush: settled life by the !Kung and their accommodation to Bantu neighbors
Early socialization in the !xő Bushmen
The Bushmen of South West Africa
The Farm Bushmen of the Ghanzi District, Botswana
Diversity and flexibility: the case of the Bushmen of southern Africa
Regional variation in !Kung populations
The Bushmen's store of scientific knowledge
Patterns of sedentism among the Basarwa of eastern Botswana
Subsistence hunting and resource management among the Ju/'hoansi of northwestern Botswana
Demography of the Dobe !Kung
The Bushmen in prehistory
An epitaph to the Bushmen
Education for transcendence
The ≠Auin: a contribution to the study of the Bushmen
Sharing in an egalitarian Kalahari community
Does sedentarization promote gender inequality?: a case study from the Kalahari
And justice for all: the development of political centralization among newly sedentary foragers
Hunting variability at a recent sedentary Kalahari village
Unstable households in a stable Kalahari community in Botswana
Aspects of the developmental ecology of a foraging people
Maternal care, infant behavior and development among the !Kung
Timing and management of birth among the !Kung: biocultural interaction in reproductive adaptation
Native cultures in southwest and south Africa: Vol. 2
Subsistence ecology of !Kung Bushmen
The !Kung San: men, women, and work in a foraging society
The !Kung Bushmen of Botswana
Man as hunter
Marriage among !Kung Bushmen
The kin terminology system of the !Kung Bushmen
Sharing, talking, and giving: relief of social tensions among !Kung Bushmen
!Kung Bushman religious beliefs
The !Kung Bushmen of the Kalahari Desert
The !Kung of Nyae Nyae
Bushman vocal music: the illusion of polyphony
The social influence of change in hunting techniques among the Central Kalahari San
Fitness and fertility among the Kalahari !Kung
Bushman art
Nisa: the life and words of a !Kung woman
The creative individual in the world of the !Kung San
Hunter and habitat in the central Kalahari desert
Report to the Government of Bechuanaland on the Bushman Survey
The G/wi Bushmen
The future of the Bushmen
Neither are your ways my ways
The biology of the San
Some plants used by the Bushmen in obtaining food or water
Visiting relations and social interactions between residential groups of the Central Kalahari San: hunter-gatherer camps as a micro-territory
Spatial proximity and bodily contact among the Central Kalahari San
Social integration of the San society from the viewpoint of sexual relationships
The recent changes in the life and society of the Central Kalahari San
Subsistence ecology of central Kalahari San
The San hunter-gatherers of the Kalahari: a study in ecological anthropology
The harmless people
Introduction to the Bushmen or San
The San: an evolutionary perspective
The languages of the Bushmen
Medical research among the !Kung
Anthropological, ethnological and ethnographic observations concerning the Heikum and Kung Bushmen: with an appendix on the languages of these Bushmen tribes
Hxaro: a regional system of reciprocity for reducing risk among the !Kung San
The pathways of the past: !Kung San HXARO exchange and history
The Bushman in history
Culture summary: San
Pastoro-foragers to 'Bushmen': transformations in Kalahari relations of property, production and labor
Archaeological approaches to the present: models for reconstructing the past
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