Ovimbundu Collection Documents (13 documents)

Author Title Publication Date
Umbundu kinship & character: being a description of social structure and individual development of the Ovimbundu of Angola, with observations concerning the bearing on the enterprise of Christian missions of certain phases of the life and culture desc
The kingdom of Wambu (Huambo): a tentative chronology
The Ocimbanda, or witch-doctor of the Ovimbundu of Portuguese southwest Africa
The Ovimbundu under two sovereignties: a study of social control and social change among a people of Angola
Umbundu: folk tales from Angola
The Ovimbundu of Angola
Occupational ritual, belief, and custom among the Ovimbundu
Production, trade and power: the political economy of central Angola
Contested power in Angola: 1840s to the present
The Ovimbundu of Angola
Interrelations between economic and social change in rural Africa: the case of the Ovimbundu of Angola
Culture summary: Ovimbundu
To rise with one mind: the Bailund War of 1902
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