Azande Collection Documents (47 documents)

Author Title Publication Date
A Survey of signs on nutritional ill-health among the Zande of the southern Sudan
Some tribal customs in their relation to medicine and morals of the Nyam-nyam and Gour people inhabiting the eastern Bahr-El-Ghazal
The Azande, and related peoples of the Anglo-Egyptian Sudan and Belgian Congo
The Sudanese angler
Some notes on the Zande tribe as found in the Meridi District (Bahr El Ghazal Province)
On the natives of the upper Welle District of the Belgian Congo
Azande: introduction to a general ethnography of Ubangi-Uele and Aruwimi basins
Ten years in Equatoria and the return with Emin Pasha, vol. 1
A dietary survey among the Zande of the south-western Sudan
Research in the Nile-Congo Region
The art of healing among the Azande
Zande theology
The dance
Social character of bride-wealth, with special reference to the Azande
Zande blood-brotherhood
Witchcraft (Mangu) among the A-Zande
Mani, a Zande secret society
Heredity and gestation, as the Azande see them
Zande warfare
SANZA, a characteristic feature of Zande language and thought
Notes on some animals in Zandeland
The Zande royal court
Zande border raids
Cannibalism: a Zande text
A final contribution to the study of Zande culture
The Azande: history and political institutions
Zande Kings and Princes
Witchcraft, oracles and magic among the Azande
Culture summary: Azande
Studies in African linguistic classification: 1. the Niger-Congo family
Letters from Th. V. Heuglin to Dr. Petermann (July, 1862 to January 1863)
Notes on family life and legal matters of some peoples of the Belgian Congo
History of the tribes of the Uele and the Ubangi
Travels in Africa during the years 1882-1886
The Azande or Niam-Niam: Zande organizations, religious and magical beliefs, family customs
An account of the Zande
Zande notes
Impressions of the Azande
Polygamy and Azande marriage
Azande marriage
Towards the codification of customary law
Toward the codification of customary law
The Azande: Vongara: note on the Vongara, ruling caste of the Zande (Niam-Niam) people
The role of money in the Zande economy
Zande markets and commerce
Shifting cultivation in Africa: the Zande system of agriculture
The Azande
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