Okiek Collection Documents (17 documents)

Author Title Publication Date
Ethics and the non-physical self in Ndorobo world view
In the land of milk and honey: Okiek adaptations to their forests and neighbours
Okeik resource tenure and territoriality as mechanisms for social control and allocation of resources
Fission, fusion, and foragers in East Africa: micro- and macroprocesses of diversity and integration among Okiek groups
The Okiek and their history
Some Dorobo beliefs
The southern Nilo-Hamites
The social institutions of the Dorobo
The political organization of the Dorobo
The economic life of the Dorobo
The social organization of the Dorobo
Modern hunters: some account of the Kâmelilo-Kâpchepkendi Dorobo (Okiek) of Kenya Colony
Culture Summary: Okiek
Amusement and absolution: transforming narratives during confession of social debts
Sexual solidarity and the secrets of sight and sound: shifting gender relations and their ceremonial constitution
"We've always done it like this . . . except for a few details": "tradition" and "innovation" in Okiek ceremonies
The systems of land tenure in the Kikuyu land unit: part 1 history of the tribal occupation of the land
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