Maasai Collection Documents (21 documents)

Author Title Publication Date
The age-system of the Masai
Studies in nutrition: the physique and health of two African tribes
The coiffeur of the Masai warrior
An administrative survey of the Masai social system
Further notes on the Masai of Kenya Colony
Native administration in the British African Territories: part 1. East Africa: Uganda, Kenya, Tanganyika
The E-Unoto ceremony of the Masai
The Masai: their language and folklore
A note on the Masai system of relationship
The southern Nilo-Hamites
Bibliography of the Masai
Some notes on the Masai of Kenya Colony
The Masai penal code
On the Masai E-Unoto
The Masai: ethnographic monograph of an East African Semite people
An administrative and political history of the Masai Reserve
Culture summary: Maasai
The Maasai of Matapato: a study of rituals of rebellion
Ecology of western Masailand, east Africa
Through Masai land: a journey of exploration among the snowclad volcanic mountains and the strange tribes of eastern equatorial Africa
Masai social customs
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