Gikuyu Collection Documents (23 documents)

Author Title Publication Date
The teaching of values old and new
Aging and elderhood
Culture Summary: Gikuyu
Voices from Mutira: change in the lives of rural Gikuyo women, 1910-1995
The university as gateway to a complex world
Background and contexts
Generational changes in marriage patterns in the Central Province of Kenya, 1930-1990
Facing Mount Kenya: the tribal life of the Gikuyu
Ngecha today
Kikuyu social and political institutions
Mau Mau and the Kikuyu
The central tribes of the north-eastern Bantu: (The Kikuyu, including Embu, Meru, Mbere, Chuka, Mwimbi, Tharaka, and the Kamba of Kenya)
The Mau Mau Rebellion, Kikuyu women, and social change
The changing value of children among the Kikuyu of Central Province, Kenya
East African age-class system: An inquiry into the social order of Galla, Kipsigis, and Kikuyu
With a prehistoric people: the Akikuyu of British East Africa, being some account of the method of life and mode of thought found existent amongst a nation on its first contact with European civilisation
Household strategies for adaptation and change: participation in Kenyan rural woman's associations
Changing concepts of the good child and good mothering
The village and its families
Women as agents of social change
The historical stage
Social change in adolescent sexual behavior, mate selection, and premarital pregancy rates in a Kikuyu community
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